2023 Honda Pilot Models, Redesign, Price

2023 Honda Pilot Models, Redesign, Price – For the second time in a decade, Honda is bringing back the 2023 Pilot, one of the most popular mid-size SUVs on the market today. While these features were optional, they’re now included as standard equipment on the Honda Pilot 2023, including Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, an 8.0-inch touchscreen display, and LED headlights. The 2023 Pilot will have an exterior color choice of Sonic Gray Pearl.

In terms of capabilities and equipment, this is what’s brand-new right now. Over $7,000 less costly than this year’s LX model, which is roughly $7,000 more expensive than the 2023 Pilot. The Pilot is currently available in five different trim levels, starting at $39,060. The Pilot’s 3.5-liter V6 engine has remained unchanged, which generates 280 horsepower.

2023 Honda Pilot Redesign
2023 Honda Pilot Redesign


Small changes will be made to the exterior styling of the 2023 Honda Pilot. An aggressive front end and long sides make this look great on any Honda vehicle. The only significant change in this year’s Pilot is adding a new color option dubbed Sonic Pearl Gray. A chrome-finished grille and LED DRLs are included for the SUV’s front end.

Vehicles with large alloy wheels will perform better in the long run because of the increased traction they provide on any road surface. Sporty curvatures on the shoulders help with cornering and high-speed stability. With a longer body, the car’s cargo capacity should increase.

2023 Honda Pilot Interior
2023 Honda Pilot Interior


The interiors of Honda vehicles have always been well-designed, practical, and interesting. The 2023 Honda Pilot’s interior is a perfect blend of luxury and performance. Something is intriguing about the blend of toughness and a luxurious sense on the inside. Improved interior design and information systems are expected to be included in the next version. For up to eight people, the leather-wrapped seats of the Honda Pilot may be accommodated.

It’s considerably easier to use the controls if they’re on the steering wheel. On top, an 8-inch touch screen and a powerful sound system are placed. With more head-and legroom in every row, this car’s seats are among the most comfortable you’ll ever sit in. Overall, the SUV’s ergonomics are sporty but simple.


A well-balanced engine may be found under the hood of each Honda vehicle. Power ratings have risen dramatically due to continuous innovation and a shift to a more modern design approach. The 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 engine in the 2023 Honda Pilot now comes standard with a ZF 9-speed automatic transmission. Because of the SUV’s impressive power and torque numbers (280 hp and 262 lb-ft), it’s become a popular choice.

2023 Honda Pilot Release Date
2023 Honda Pilot Release Date

To go from 0-60 mph in a few hundredths of a second, the SUV might benefit from a longer, lower stance and less weight. The 2023 Honda Pilot is the fastest in its class, 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds and a quarter-mile in 14.8 seconds. Two competitors, the Subaru Ascent and the Toyota Highlander can hit 60 mph in 6.9 seconds apiece. The Pilot is a well-behaved SUV in its class that delivers a pleasant ride for its passengers.

Release Date and Price

For the new 2023 Honda Pilot, the prices range from $36,830 for the Sport model to $50,620 for the top-line Pilot Black Edition model.

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